Fridays are My Mondays

I used to work regular 9:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday jobs and it was always great when Friday came along because it meant it was the last working day of the week and then it was the weekend — two whole days of doing absolutely whatever I wanted, which was usually just staying home, in bed, all day (since it’s normally way too crowded anywhere at the weekend anyway).

For the last eight months (I’ve been living in Hanoi for eight months now, by the way), I’ve been working with a different schedule than what I’ve been used to. For one thing, I do split-shifts at the weekend, so I start in the morning and finish at night. During the week, I start teaching in the evening which leaves my mornings and afternoons free to sleep in or run errands or do other things — coursework the last three months. I get two days off and then I start again on Friday. The thing about Fridays is that I teach two classes which means that I end quite late and it’s the latest day in my entire schedule. So when people write ‘Hurray for Friday’ posts online, I can no longer relate because Fridays are my Mondays.

Summer is coming, though, so that will mean a change in schedule — different days off, different teaching times, and new classes. It’s madness from what I’ve heard from my colleagues who were here for previous summer classes and they say that I can expect my hours to double. I suppose I’ll be able to see for myself soon enough and at least the course is out of the way (more on that in another post soon).