Cleaning Up

I ideally wanted to start this process months ago, but every time I told myself that I’d do it next week, sleeping in was top priority. I started cleaning out my cubby at work a few days ago — though if I’m being completely honest, I have two cubbies when we’re really only supposed to have one. Today, I started with the files I’ve been keeping at home. I have made a few observations.

Observation number one: Way too much paper. Course book pages, worksheets, templates, lesson plans. It’s no wonder I have two cubbies. What accumulates over the course of a year is a shocking amount of paper and I couldn’t help but feel absolutely wasteful about it.

Observation number two: I’m not as organised as everyone seems to think I am. If I were, I’d be able to have just the one cubby and I wouldn’t be drowning in so much useless (and wasted) paper.

Observation number three: Dust, cobwebs, and rust. If something has been sitting in the same spot for a long enough time for it to gather dust and have cobwebs built all over it, it must be safe to assume that it’s not really a useful thing to have. Also, metal paper clips are nice, shiny, and look more professional than the colourful plastic coated ones, but if left to sit in a file, untouched, for an extended period of time, it will get rusty along with the paper it happens to be making contact with. I don’t know if that’s just an Asian thing with the weather and the humidity, but I am definitely swearing off metal paper clips. The same goes for staples, unfortunately, but I don’t think I can swear those off.

I will definitely try to get rid of as much as I can since I aim to travel as light as possible upon my exit. I will do my absolute best not to be too sentimental and step away from the hoarder mentality of I might need it or it might be useful some day. May be easier said than done, but we’ll see how it goes, I guess.