Holidays and Promotions

After teaching 19-20 hours a week and doing the IHCYLT course for three months, I was exhausted and completely burned out. There was no better time to take a holiday and it was something I’d been looking forward to for weeks. I took 14 days off from work and took a much needed break to recharge my body and my brain.

The first day of my holiday was basically spent travelling. I went through three different airports in three different countries to get to my final destination, which I did after about 10 hours or so in transit. I traded in the busy, bustling city of Hanoi for the clean and very modern city of Singapore. It was a welcome change.

Day 2 was spent in bed. I slept the entire day. When I thought that I couldn’t possibly sleep any more, my body proved me wrong. I knew I was tired, but I didn’t realise just how tired. My whole trip was basically lots of sleeping, eating, and walking — enjoying the food and enjoying the malls. It was a lovely change of pace and scenery.

Coming back to Hanoi was the start of something new as well. A promotion to Summer Mentor Teacher. It’s summer now, which is the busiest time for the school, so we’ve taken on quite a few summer teachers to help out with all the extra students and classes. My new role is to help them get settled in, do some induction duties, and assist them with resources, lesson planning, and ideas. This means that I need to be on site and available to help when needed.

It’s definitely kept me busy over the last week, getting back into the routine of things as well as assuming the new role. As always, time management is key. I’m still teaching around 20 hours a week, so I’ll need to have my lessons planned and prepared as early as possible since interruptions are inevitable when people need help with anything. It hasn’t been too bad so far — I enjoy helping people and being useful.

I found that I was quite happy to be back teaching and that I was actually happy to see a lot of my students. I feel much better after my break. I feel more relaxed and more comfortable in my classes — one of my TAs even said that I look more beautiful now! I don’t know about that, but I feel better, for sure. 🙂