IHCYLT 2: Week 4

I’m currently on Week 4 of the course. One month (nearly) down, two more to go. It has been a lot of work so far, as promised. There are readings, tasks, and discussions to get through every week, and every week has a deadline to complete all the requirements. Because I’m doing the course work on top of working full-time hours, I have had to find a way to manage my time efficiently, which, admittedly, I’ve only really been able to do this past week.

Since my teaching hours don’t start until the late afternoons during the week, I’m quite used to sleeping in, but because of the course, I’ve had to start waking up early every day to get work done and be productive. Work basically consists of course work, lesson planning, lesson prep, and writing reports. It adds up. So the more hours I have available in the day, the better (though I have given myself at least one of my days off to sleep in). One of the perks so far, though, has been that waking up early has meant fewer problems falling asleep at night. I’m usually so exhausted at the end of the day, I can just fall asleep (or at least fall asleep in less than half the time that it usually takes me).

This week is a particularly heavy one because in terms of the course, I have to complete the usual two modules, one portfolio task, a peer observation plus observation tasks, and planning for my first observed teaching practice. In terms of work, I have 19 hours to plan and prep for, and a workshop to attend.

I do feel that I have already made some improvements in my teaching. I think that the quality of my lessons have improved and I also feel a bit more confident in teaching young learners. I also have the support of my colleagues, and that helps a lot, too. So I do feel that by the end of the course, I will be a much better teacher. Definitely looking forward to it.