IHCYLT 1: Pre-Course

I got some news last week that my upcoming course was at risk of being postponed to a later date. I was beginning to think that I was extremely unlucky or just not meant to do this course. Fortunately, though, it is going ahead as scheduled and it’s set to commence in two days.

I’m looking forward to starting the course and being a student again. Over the last few years — doing my high school program and the countless Coursera ones — I discovered that I actually enjoy studying and it’s something that I’m not entirely terrible at. I was preparing all the things I needed last night and I was absolutely giddy setting up my notebook, putting my pencil case together, sorting the highlighters, post-its, and other stationery. Come to think of it, stationery is probably the reason I like being a student (and teacher).

There will be a lot of work involved in the course and I have been warned by a course graduate that it will take over my life for the next twelve weeks and I can expect to have no time for anything else other than work and study, which I’m completely prepared for (I think).

Something I’ve learned as a teacher is that it’s important to have an environment that’s conducive to studying and learning. Currently, my environment is an ice box. Hanoi winter is no joke, and it doesn’t help that I’m not built for cold weather like this. It’s cold, it’s damp, and it’s gray. I have not seen the sun in quite a while and mold is rampant and expected to get worse. In spite of this, I will do my best to get the work done.

For now, it will really come down to organisation and good time management. I may need to say goodbye to Facebook, Netflix, and other distractions temporarily. We’ll see how it goes — I’ll keep you posted as best as I can.


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