YL Extension Course Cancelled

After a year of setting things up and preparing for the YLE course, I received an email from the training centre a few days ago informing me of the course’s cancellation. I had just finished teaching a class when I read the email and I just sat there staring at the words because I couldn’t believe it.

Two weeks ago, the tuition was fully paid. One week ago, the flights were booked. A few days before, I had finished the pre-course task. Now, the course no longer exists. I was beyond disappointed. I had spent a year thinking about the course, imagining what the certificate would look like in my portfolio, and looking forward to the opportunities it would open up for me in my career.

I thought about how I was originally supposed to do the course in May, but decided to defer to November — I could have been certified by now. All the what-ifs and the regret. Today, however, I feel better. I know that it’s out of my control and, if anything, perhaps it was exactly the way it was supposed to happen.

The YLE course will be discontinued in 2017, so 2016 is the last year that it will be offered. I considered applying to a different centre in another country, but the thought of going through the application and interview process again is not appealing. Not to mention that anywhere else will be more expensive.

I definitely still want to get certified. The alternative is the IHCYLT (International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers). My Academic Manager suggested it and talked me through it and I did my own research as well and I’m convinced that it’s a good option. I wouldn’t need to travel or take leave from work, no additional expenses for accommodation, and it’s also more affordable since I would get a discount as an International House employee.

We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, I need to attend to all the refunds for the cancelled course.


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