Moving House

I came to Malaysia with 40kg of material possessions. After an additional trip back to the Philippines, 7-8 months worth of shopping, and previous expats’ leftovers, I’m moving out with more than just 40kg. A lot more. 

With just 4 months left on my contract–which means another move–I need to face my lifelong challenge of attachment to material possessions. 

Moving away from the Philippines, I was filled with a lovely sense of relief from leaving all my things behind, starting fresh, and with a goal of living a minimalistic lifestyle. After packing up the apartment in preparation for this impending move,  it seems I have not been successful in achieving this goal. 

I see myself country hopping in the next few years while I nurture my teaching career. I know that the best way to do this is by traveling light, un encumbered by little trinkets and material possessions. 

Cutting down and prioritising starts now.