Happy New Year!

2014 was a year full of ups and downs just like any other, but it was a special year because I was finally given the chance I needed to embark on my journey as a teacher abroad. It has been an eventful journey so far and I know that there is still much ahead — this is why I’m looking forward to what 2015 has in store.

I’m quickly approaching my sixth month of teaching and the next six months after that may not be smooth sailing, but I’m ready for whatever challenges may come. This year, I’ve decided not to plan too far ahead as I’ve learned that many things and decisions can change in an instant. I’ve decided to take each day as it comes and to deal with things as they present themselves. The skeleton for the long-term plans stay the same, but the details will always be changing as I follow the path to the “checkpoints”.

I’m not big on resolutions, but I wrote a few down that I think I can manage to do over the year. They are simple, but it will enrich me in many ways.

1) Read more. In 2014, I read a total of maybe ten books, if at all. In the past, I could read at least two books a month. I’ve gotten distracted with other pursuits that I have neglected my literature while my unread pile slowly gets bigger.

2) Internet less. The epitome of distractions. The time I spend on the Internet can be spent doing more useful and productive things. I’m looking at you, Facebook and 9gag.

3) Write more. As someone who wants to pursue writing, I need to write a lot more than I currently do. The excuse of “I’m busy and have no time” is no longer valid.

4) Yoga more. Fitness is important, especially as I get older and the stress levels of job demands get higher.

5) Procrastinate less. No explanation needed.

So I welcome 2015 with open arms, a clear head, and an open mind and heart. I am optimistic, as always, and I know that there are good things up ahead.


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