ELT Library

Next month will mark my third year anniversary for teaching online–unbelievable how quickly time flies. I’ve managed to acquire a mini-library of ELT reference books since then, and they have been invaluable resources not only for CELTA, but also for everyday teaching needs.


I never actually took any of the TKT Modules, but my intention with this book was to study the content and do the practice tests inside until I was confident that I could pass without actually taking it. I don’t know if it would be useful for me to do the TKT Modules since I already have CELTA, but it’s something I’ll look into, and if it’s worthwhile, I may just do it.

My favorite in the collection is Michael Swan’s Practical English Usage. It’s basically my ELT bible capable of answering any English language questions I have. Highly recommended.

This small library of six is already quite an investment on its own (reference books are not cheap), but I’d love to see it grow in the coming years.


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